144 green fees for your Foundation


Groupe Beaudet, Groupe Beaudet Prestige and its 6 golf clubs offers you the chance to win 144 green fees for your 2018 golf tournament!

You read that right. This is obviously thousands of dollars that you can give to the Foundation of your choice or take the opportunity to spoil your guests that have supported your organization for so many years.

Are eligible tournaments having signed their contract for their 2018 golf tournament edition with a minimum of 144 players and dinners.

By his expertise in the organization of golf outings and by the extent of his network, only the Groupe Beaudet and his golf clubs are able to offer you so much. So not only will you have the chance to work with a team of professionals offering more but you’ll also get the chance to "win" 144 of your tournament green fees!

Talk to one of our representatives at the 514-990-5833 and sign up your organization in the contest.